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Steps to the Panama Experience
June 15-26, 2014
and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have put these pages together to assist in answering common questions. Please read this sheet first; if you have more questions, please email:
or call: 858- 314-8821

Ok, ready to go. 4 steps to follow.

Step 1: Schedule time to get Passport. It’s Easy.
With your passport processed, you are halfway there. Get your certified birth certificate, two pictures and make an appointment at the U.S. Post Office, passport services office or on-line. Service time for processing passports can range from “regular” 4-6 weeks OR “Expedited” 2-3 weeks or 5 business days. Please see full instructions and how to apply on-line visit:

Step 2: Early program registration
is highly encouraged via May 3 is the deadline for early registration. At this date or prior, a payment deposit of $1,000 will be required. This will guarantee the booking of your travel and space. If you need to fundraise, please make fundraising goal prior to May 3rd. The remaining payment of $1,200 will be made by June 3.

Step 3: Confirmation of your attendance
Participant will be notified once 1st payment is received with registration. Participant will receive travel voucher and phone call or email within 7 days from receiving the 1st Payment. You will be provided with your Flight Itinerary and necessary waivers, instructions on what to bring.

Step 4: College Credit:
The American Indian Art Studies Class will be offered for 3-Units and it will provided on-line by Professor Dr. Alan Lechusza. Majority of “class” hours will be received during participation in Panama. An assistant teacher (to be announced) will also be traveling with the group while in Panama. Final work will be the documentation of your experience, via photos, video, or written journal pieces. This will be decided between the Professor and each participant. The majority of the credited class hours will come from the exchange experience while in Panama. DETAILs to this will be sent to you with your Travel Voucher once deposit payment is received.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who can come to this?
Our Panama Educational Exchange is by invitation and open to high school and college age folks. It is designed for folks with sincere interest in an Intertribal Educational Exchange. If you have a partner or travel buddy that would benefit from this program, please let us know and we may invite them to join us. It is designed for all ages, so no one - regardless of age, feels out of place.

How do I get an invitation to register?
Please email: or call: 858- 314-8821

What is the purpose of this trip?
Our first exchange was in 2005; our program has over 9 years working in Panama. This educational exchange is with tribal people of Panama, Central America and their natural environments. We will take a close look into American Indian Arts, Culture, Sovereignty and Sustainability of the people and region.

Is there physical difficulty in the activities?
The experience and adventure is casual and physical demand is very mild. Participant always retains the decision on how and when to participate in activities.

What is the weather like?
Temperature and climate is primarily tropical and mild in the mountains. Temps range from 60 degrees to 95 degrees. There will be sun and rain and mild humidity. Nothing unbearable.

International Arrival, Airport Pick-up?
We provide pick-up and drop off at Panama (PTY) Tocumen International Airport. We will be waiting there with a smile and sign with your name on it. We will have your arrival flight time and #.

Are their Scholarships Available?
ITY does not issue scholarships for the Panama program. However, sponsors are available and contact must be initiated by the participant to local identified potential sponsor. ITY will assist participant with this process once participant has named potential sponsor with contact. ITY will follow through and provide supporting necessary information. This is a method that has proved successful by past Panama program participants. Place confidence in yourself and your dreams.

Chaperones? Group Leader?
ITY Director, Marc Chavez, and one other teacher leader (TBA) will maintain logistics and lead the exchange experience along with local cultural specialists. We will follow the educational guide of Professor Alan Lechusza on-line and check-in with him during travel.

Keeping in touch with participant?
We will supply direct cell phone numbers to reach ITY staff for emergency, with the exception when in areas of limited cell access. Participants will be allowed to make phone calls on 3-4 separate nights to call family at the decision of the participant. There will be access to WiFi Internet and cell phone coverage during 70% of the time while in Panama.

Where do participants sleep and what are the arrangements?
Accommodations will always be clean, comfortable and range from moderately upscale to rustic. Male and female participants, unless traveling as a family or significant other, will be separated and chaperoned. There are 2 staff members to every 5 participants. Like all our programs, we are respectful to the wishes of all families and preferences.

Panama has been ranked one of the safest cities in Latin America. In addition, Panama issues Medical Emergency Insurance Cards to all tourists upon arrival at airport. Tour leaders and ITY Staff in Panama have worked successfully with youth and adults for over 9 years.

What if I cancel before the Trip and I already paid my first payment?
If an unseen circumstance arises and participant is unable to travel on June 15th, participant’s first payment will not be refunded. However, participant will retain their international airline ticket and credited by the airline to be used at another date. You must contact the airline directly and immediately if this occurs. Airline, may incur a fee to change your ticket, but you will not loose airline ticket. Usually, you may use it up to one year and may be used for ITY’s following Panama program.

Refunds after second payment?
If participant is unable to travel after you have made your second payment of $1,200, 50% of your payment will be refunded. InterTribal Youth will need to be contacted 7 days prior to June 15th to ensure this. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund payments after this date, due to reservation commitments already made on participant’s behalf in Panama.

Register now.

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Questions regarding on-line payment, credit cart, etc contact Barbara McCoy, 619-721-8765 or questions via email:

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