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Northern California
Education Adventure

August 11-17, 2014
Open to Ages 12-17 & Chaperones - 21 and Older
Starting/Ending Point: UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA

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Northern California's amazing redwood forests and waterways provide the setting for adventure, learning, and recreation.
  • Wildlife Observation, River Rafting
  • Academic Guidance / College Prep Workshop
  • Cultural Education
  • Nutrition & Wellness
Academic Enrichment, Leadership, Culture, Adventure
Arrival/Departure Point: Berkeley (Oakland) California

Day-to-Day Itinerary* (*Tentative: subject to change)

Day 1: Berkeley, California
Arrival Day, Greetings, Orientation and check-in. UC Berkeley is the most prestigious and oldest university in the state. It sits on the hill side of the East San Francisco Bay with breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay and ocean. This day you begin a journey in knowledge of self, others and greater horizons. Participants will begin a seminar in academics and culture visiting the Phoebe Hearst Museum at Berkeley. It is one of the largest repository of Native culture on the west coast. We begin by taking an emotional look into the past. We have dinner after taking a tour of the campus.

*Airport/Train pick-up may be provided by our staff.

Day 2: 101 North to Humboldt and Patrick Point State Park
We take to the road and head up the 101, across rolling hills and through ancient Redwood Forests along the Eel River. We observe the plants and earth that is so vital to local people and future generations. We stop at Humboldt State University. This is thhe second branch of the California State University (CSU) System, we note the wildlife department and explore our personal creativity with art, storytelling and environmental science. In Trinidad, we visit the Humboldt State research center for Oceanic and Geologic Studies to gain a deeper understanding of our relationship with the sea and atmosphere. We will then go to Trinidad Pier and have lunch along the seaside reservation of Trinidad Rancheria, one of the many jewels on our trip.
North of Humboldt, the landscape becomes even more dramatic as nature is the impact. Elk, bears, whales, and giant redwoods provide a feeling of awe and amazement. We will finish the evening fire-side along the Pacific Ocean and Traditional-style Sumeg Village site at Patrick's Point State Park.

Day 3: Klamath River, Yurok Tribe/ Hoopa Reservation
The clarity and freshness of the Klamath River, Pacific Ocean and experience land-based living. Local cultural is alive in nature. We will spend the day learning from the people and guardians of the land. For thousands of years, harmony was kept with the grounds and now educated tribal members hold department positions in leadership, Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife to maintain balance and ward off threats to the environment and traditional lifestyles. We learn from struggle, tradition and how it relates to the people of the planet.

Day 4/5: Trinity River/Hoopa Reservation
The river rafting excursion with Fish-on and Chuckee Carpenter is a highlight of the trip. (Moms: these are not dangerous rapids). We spot many birds, Bald Eageles and wildlife as we float down river and through rock ravines. The spirit of Hoopa Valley and her people is profound along the river. We stop along the way, playing in the clear waters, have lunch and continue on with the best traditional Salmon dinner imaginable. We will share with Hoopa's Cultural Elders, Youth Leaders, Wildlife Department, and the original villages of the Hoopa People. We finish the evening with story-telling, songs, burnt marshmallows and campfire fun. A feeling comes over you like we could just be forever.

Day 6: San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz
We leave campsite and head back down the coast to the San Francisco Bay area. We go to the pier which will take us to the island commonly known as Alcatraz. Local ranger hosts us, as we are provided with the history and stories of this sacred place. Our Journey will come full circle as we ponder our choices between cultural freedom, sovereignty and the threat of incarceration. As we sit out on the Island, looking into the bay, we ponder our choices in life, our future, and how we can be good for our community. Inspired by our journey, it is time of reflection and thought. We will return to Berkeley and gather for the evening and share in our experiences before returning home.

Day 7: Berkeley/Departure
Departure for Home: Our tour and personal journey ends for now as we transition and continue on a path of success, refreshed. We will have a morning Recognition of participants and wish everyone well as we continue to make a better world for ourselves, family and future generations. Airport drop-off provided by Staff.

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Wildlife Observation
River Rafting
Academic Enrichment/College Prep Workshop
Cultural Education with Nor Cal Native Tribal Leaders:
InterTribal Bay Area Nation
Nutrition & Wellness
Indigenous Science

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