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South America

"Ancient Paradise in the Middle of the World"
February 13 - 19, 2013
Open to Youth and Adults

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Tropical forests, snow capped volcanoes, indigenous people living traditional lives, and pristine tropical beaches await you in Ecuador. Located, as its name suggests on the equator, in northwestern South America, just north of Peru. For its size, Ecuador is the most bio and culturally diverse country on earth. Spanning from the great Amazon Jungle to the west rising to 23,000 foot peaks of the Andes Mountains. It doesn't stop there, heading further west one reaches the tropical coastal pacific lowlands, over to the sea, finally reaching the world famous Galapagos Islands (not visited on tour below).

Day 1, 2: Arrive into the northern Inca and present day capitol of Ecuador, Quito. Roam the ancient Incan/Colonial city that's like no other in Latin America. Visit world famous indigenous art galleries and museums, shop for hand crafted artifacts, sample great Ecuadorian Andean cuisine, rest for further adventures.

Day 3, 4: Cayambe Vocano, Otavalo, Peguche. Traditional Quichuan village host us as we observe their world famous craft of back loom textile weaving and have the opportunities to experience shaman (medicinal and spiritual leader) ritual and tour sacred archeological sites.

Otovalo and Peguche: Words cannot explain or illustrate the Native vibe of this municipality. One of the most successful Indigenous groups of the continent, Otovalo and its townships have become economically sovereign and successful based on the promotion of their cultural heritage. One is quick to see their tradition is strong and people are healthy. Long braids from both women and men, traditional clothes, and festive music are the continued tradition. One can see this is a unique place in Native Country. One of the most prosperous and musically talented areas in the "Americas". We join musical festivals, recording sessions, and see what it means to be "alegre", happy, and in tune with our universe.
We will also accept a "special guest" invitation of Oton Township, to witness their parochial music festival.

Day 5: The lush and natural world of Mindo and Middle Of The World Monument. Stand directly on the northern and southern hemispheres! Finally arriving to our next destination. Mindo is one of the worlds most bio diverse places. High river or jungle canopy cable tour. Visit butterfly farm, hike up pristine rivers and then go tubing back down, lay in hammock... take it all in.

Day 6,7 Mompiche, Esmeraldas, Pacific Coast. We drop from the highlands of the Andes and head for the tropical climate of the coast. A very different scene of rainforests and beautiful warm water beaches. Both Indigenous and Afro-Culture mix in great color and cultural offerings. Special food, music and language is found along the coast. A chance to surf, witness Toucans, monkeys and fish. Learn to surf, go fishing, snorkeling or just observe the scene. A great way to round off our program.

Day 8: Departure

Costs: $1300
All-inclusive: Includes all guided tours, overland transportation, meals, lodging, surfing lessons, fishing and boat tours, canopy tours, and special events, weddings, airport pick-up/drop off. International Flight to Ecuador not included.

Priority Registration by December 1st, 2012
Small group size of 10.


Tour the Ancient Incan Capital or Quito
Shaman Ritual
Sacred Archeological Sites
Horseback Riding
Surf Lessons
Fishing and Boat Tours
Cultural Education with Tribal People of: Quichua

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