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Serving Youth, Families, Community for 14 Years

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of Native American high/middle school and college students with hands-on life experiences that combine leadership, academics, adventure, wellness and culture.
Our Vision is to empower youth by providing access to world-class universities, environments, professionals and mentors. Youth are given the opportunity to perform locally, nationally and internationally.

Get your Passport Ready!!!
A guided educational journey through rainforests and tropical islands of Central America. Culture, natural resources, sovereignty and sustainability will be lessons exchanged. Open to high school & college age folks. More info..

Cool sea breezes, vast pacific waters and wisdom of local people make for the perfect classroom at UC San Diego. Youth will experience dorm-life at UC San Diego, San Diego State, and Cal State San Marcos. Focus is on academics, leadership, adventure, and culture. A life-changing experience that includes two-day "Rez" camping trip. More info . .

Northern California
August 11 - 17, 2014
Nor Cal’s land, rainforests, rivers and Pacific Ocean hold giant stories, flowing vibes ,and wide visions. As we make our way from UC Berkeley to Humboldt State and beyond, our tour group is hosted by Mother Earth’s original people.
To know California is to know the north - to know their stories. Large green and blue Outdoor Classroom and University Tour!

Central California, Eastern Sierra
Previous Summer Adventures
Majesty is the backbone of California. The highest mountains and the freshest lakes hold the spirit of the people. Timeless, ancient wisdom in crisp air. The Paiute-Shoshone, Miwok, and Mono People lead ITY through their diverse lands.
We go to the lows and highs of earth and history. Feel the experience of an educational adventure in indigenous science and knowledge - from mother earth and her first people.

Ecuador, South America
Other Adventures
Tropical forests, snow capped volcanoes, indigenous people living traditional lives, and pristine tropical beaches await you in Ecuador. Located, as its name suggests on the equator, in northwestern South America, just north of Peru. For its size, Ecuador is the most bio and culturally diverse country on earth. Spanning from the great Amazon Jungle to the west rising to 23,000 foot peaks of the Andes Mountains.

Reconnecting the Condor and Eagle Peoples of the Americas
Spotlight on Biocultural Leadership Program with Jane Goodall and Reconnecting the Condor and the Eagle Peoples of the Americas at the original crossroads, Isthmus of Panama.
Join InterTribalYouth.org and our collaborative partners to welcome a shift of the ages and re-cognize our leadership as original land stewards.

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