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Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers (Hupa)
Seasonal Mentor
SDSU, McNair Fellow, SDSU NASA President

Ginger is a member of the Hupa Tribe of Northern California. She is attending San Diego State University and will be graduating in the Spring of 2013 with a double major in Psychology and American Indian Studies. This past semester Ginger was recognized in SDSU’s 360 Magazine for her hard work and dedication both as a devoted student and President of the Native American Student Alliance. Along with her commitments to the Native American campus community, Ginger is also a member of Psi-Chi (National Honors Society in Psychology), and a 2012-2013 McNair Scholar.

Ginger Rogers

Laura Hernandez
Seasonal Mentor
Luiseno from Pauma, Kumeyaay from San Pasqual

Laura has been working with youth since high school. She has participated in programs such as The Union Youth helping out with their Summer and Winter camps working as a mentor, as an educator to kids ranging from 4 years of age to 3rd graders on her own reservation in San Pasqual, and has helped out with other programs that help youth with college decisions. Laura has always been passionate to work and help youth in any way because she believes that our experiences can help teach, train and develop our future generations with skills that will help us and our world go to next levels.

Jerry Kien

Manny Lieras (Diné/Comanche)
Seasonal Mentor
BA Liberal Arts & Sciences; SDSU

Manny is a Southern California Native, born and raised in the inner city of San Diego. Manny has over 20 years of experience working with youth as a teacher, facilitator, and program coordinator. Manny graduated from SDSU and relocated to Oakland, CA to work with inner city Native youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Influenced by inner city lifestyles, Manny has learned to incorporate traditional practices to aid him on his journey to walk in beauty.

Jerry Kien

Jerry Kien (Diné)
Seasonal Mentor
Miracosta, Palomar, CSUSM, Univ of Redlands, Word Bible College: BA in Theology

Jerry is well known for his compassion and dedication to youth across the Southwest. A long-time BRIDGE team-member and well versed with various youth programs, Jerry also is an Instructor with the MAAC Community Charter High School and serves as webmaster for

Ron Funk

Ron Funk (Quichua- Andean)
Culinary Arts / Outfitter / Photographer
Cal State Fullerton

Born in Ecuador, his mother is Native of Ecuador and father is German/American. At a young age, he left to live in Africa for a few years before moving to San Diego. After graduating college, he returned to Northern Ecuador (tropics) to build his home on the beach. He is world traveled and extensively visited over 25 countries. He professes his open mindedness and is concious of his relationship with all peoples of the world. Surfing is a big spiritual part of his life. Photography, traveling, yoga, reggae, salsa, all music that gets you dancing and/or has concious inspirational lyrics is the soundtrack to his lifestyle. Cooking food from all over the world, Ron aims to spread health and nutrition, nature and the environment InterTribal Youth. Leaving a lighter footprint, i.e. less damage and waste is part of his life and hopes to inspire youth. For the past several years, Ron has prepared YNS/InterTribal Youth fine cooking, outfitted the group, and mentored youth. In addition, he teaches Photography to those willing to learn.

Ginger Rogers

Jamie Ricci
Curriculum/Instructor, Sharing the Land Indigenous Earth Science
BScH Geological Sciences, Queen's University
Texas A&M

Jamie grew up in upstate New York and attended Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. Jamie worked for a year and a half as an environmental consultant in Toronto, where she had the opportunity to work in the Northwest Territories and throughout Ontario. Jamie began graduate school at Texas A&M in January of 2012 conducting research in culturally relevant geoscience education programs.

Ray Esquiro

Ray Esquiro (Chumash)
Coastal Culture / Surfing Mentor

Ray is a graduate of the University of Riverside in Archeology and for a young man is a top resource of cultural traditions. He has taught culture throughout Southern California and holds true, the teachings of his elders. He is also an artist and historian.

Alicia McQuillen

Alicia McQuillen (Yurok)
Seasonal Mentor
UC Berkeley: Native American Studies, Ethnic Studies,
and Political Science

Alicia is a member of the Yurok and Tolowa tribes of Northern California. She plans to continue on to law school to pursue a career defending tribal sovereign rights and preserving natural resources. Alicia is passionate about promoting education in both the Western and the traditional Native worlds. She has worked with the Native American Recruitment and Retention Center, Intertribal Student Council and Native American Advisory Council and UC Berkeley, as an intern with the Yurok Tribe, and is an Initiative for Diversity in Education and Leadership (IDEAL) scholar. This is her second summer with YNS/InterTribal Youth.

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